This is a great way to turn your laptop or pc into a full function gps enabled chart plotter and marine data information system. Just load the DVD in your computer and you have instant access to over 2200 of the latest raster navigation charts produced by NOAA - plus several reference books and more. Plug in the 65 channel usb gps receiver and view your navigation data on screen. With the click of a mouse you can track your position on a moving map.This professionally authored system is menu driven and all functions will run right off the DVD - this is very easy to use. See the demonstration video at the bottom of this page to get a taste of what the DVD can do.


For a complete list of the charts click here: . The charts on

this DVD are distributed by a certified NOAA RNC Distributor and thus meet US Coast Guard chart carriage requirements for you charter boat and delivery captains.


Included on the DVD are:


  • Every Raster Navigation Chart (RNC) that NOAA publishes. This covers the entire United States and all of its Possessions. There are more than 2200 charts on the DVD in the standard BSB/KAP format. Note: No other countries are included. You may be able to add charts for other countries but please contact me before purchasing.
  • OpenCPN chart plotter software. Runs on Windows 8/7/VISTA/XP.
  • The OpenCPN manual
  • Complete graphical and textual listing of charts on the DVD by region
  • Chart #1 - Nautical chart symbols, abbreviations and terms
  • The complete set of 9 United States Coast Pilots
  • The complete updated American Practical Navigator (Bowditch)
  • A complete copy of the US International and Inland Navigation Rules of the Road
  • A 33 function Navigational Calculator
  • Port to Port distance charts
  • Links to the NOAA Tides & Currents web page for up to date tide and current predictions
  • The NOAA AWOIS wreck database listings for the US coasts, Pacific islands and Great Lakes with graphical index (over 14,000 listings)
  • View the NOAA AWOIS wreck positions and data on Google Earth. Included on the DVD is an up to date Google Earth overlay showing every wreck and obstruction in the NOAA AWOIS database in its listed position on the earth’s surface. Hover over a place mark and its name is displayed. Click on a place mark and its information is displayed.

GD-2501 GPS Receiver Key Fetures:


  • Based on the High Performance Skytraq Venus 6 GPS receiver chipset
  • Acquire and track 65 satellites simultaneously
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Built-in highly sensitive antenna picks up even the weakest signals
  • WAAS, EGNOS enabled for accurate position fix
  • Backup battery for faster position fix
  • A-GPS enabled for faster startup time
  • Waterproof to IPX6 standards
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and Linux included (Windows ce and Mac OSX drivers available)
  • Compatible with any GPS mapping or navigation software on the market that complies with NMEA standards
  • GPS monitoring software included (Windows only)


GD-2501 USB GPS Receiver Specifications:

   GPS solution:  SkyTraq Venus 6
   Receiver type: 65-channel, L1 frequency, C/A code
   Max altitude: < 18,000 m
   Max velocity: < 515 m/s
      Position 2.5 m CEP
      Velocity 0.1 m/s
      Time 250 ns
   Startup Time :
      Hot start < 1 s
      Cold start < 35 s
      Acquisition -148 dBm
      Tracking -161 dBm
   A-GPS: PromptFixR AGPS
   Datum: WGS-84
   Dynamics: 4G
   Protocol: NMEA-0183 9600 baud, 8, N, 1
GPS antenna: 18.0 x 18.0 x 4.0 mm patch
Electrical Characteristics: 
   Interface  USB 1.0/2.0
   Power supply  5.0 V ± 0.5 %
   Power Consumption  ~ 45 mA
Mechanical Characteristics: 
   Dimension 38.0 x 4 0.5 x 12.3 mm
   Cable Length  180 cm, Type A connecter
Environmental Characteristics: 
   Operating temperature -40 °C ~ +80 °C
   Storage temperature -40 °C ~ +85 °C
   Humidity 5 % ~ 95 %
   Waterproof IPX6 Waterproof Standard


The charts on the DVD are updated bi-weekly so you will receive the latest editions. NOAA Raster Navigational Charts® are full-color, geo-calibrated, high detail, digital images of NOAA's entire suite of paper charts. They display beautifully with all the details found on the paper charts that you are used to using. They are better though, because you can overlay electronic navigation elements right on top of the chart. Examples of these elements are your position, marks, tracks, routes, bearings, and distances.  Another great feature is the ability to zoom in and out. You can see the big picture without the hassle of trying to spread out a large chart on a small chart table or you can zoom in to see all the details around your vessel.


The Coast Pilots, American Practical Navigator, and Navigation Rules are all in Adobe Acrobat reader (pdf) format making them very easy to use. Acrobat reader is included on the DVD if you don't have it.


Turn on the automatic feature and your position will be shown in the center of a moving map. Create routes, find distances, bearings and more with the click of a mouse. Turn on the Tracks function and create a track of where you have been. Use created tracks to get back to favorite fishing grounds or return home when bad weather sets in.


The DVD  is menu driven, including the option to install OpenCPN and the charts on your hard drive. This makes the system very easy to use. Hardware requirements are minimal. OpenCPN will run fine on a 233 mhz computer.


To preview a limited sample of the Google Earth wreck database: Run Google Earth, go to File then Open. Cut and paste the following text in the File Name box:  (make sure there are no extra spaces or you will get an error).


Charts are also available on CD and other media. Click here for more information.


Buy with complete confidence - if you are not satisfied I will refund your entire payment.


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1. Purchase directly by credit card by calling: 732-664-8235 



2. You may purchase on PayPal's secure web site. A PayPal account is not required. You can pay by e-check, credit card or use your existing PayPal account: 

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